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2N3055|MJ2955 Class B Amplifier

This simple Class B Amplifier, straightforward but rugged circuit, though intended for any high quality audio application and, above all, to complete the recently started series of articles forming the Modular Preamplifier Control Center, is also well suited to make a very good Guitar or Bass amplifier.
2N3055|MJ2955  Class B Amplifier Circuit
Using a mains transformer with a secondary winding rated at the common value of 25 + 25V (or 24 + 24V) and 100/120VA power, two amplifiers can be driven at 45W and 69W output power into 8 and 4 Ohms respectively, with very low distortion (less than 0.01% @ 1kHz and 20W into 8 Ohms).

List Componet of 2N3055|MJ2955  Class B Amplifier circuit
R1      : 18K         D1,D2,D3,D4 : 1N4148
R2      : 3K9         Q1,Q2       : BC560C
R3,R6   : 1K          Q3,Q4       : BC556
R4      : 2K2         Q5          : BC546
R5      : 15K         Q6          : BD139
R7      : 22K         Q7          : BD140
R8      : 330R        Q8          : MJ2955
R9,R10  : 10R         Q9          : 2N3055
R11,R12 : 47R
R13     : 10R

C1      : 1µF/63V
C2      : 470pF
C3      : 47µF/25V
C4      : 15pF
C5      : 220nF
C6      : 100nF

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