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2009 HAV 300 Owner’s Manual

2009 HAV 300 Owner’s Manual. Jump Starting the HAV 300 If the HAV 300 cannot be started because the battery is out of charge, it can be jump started from another battery. NOTE: Batteries produce explosive gases and other explosive fuels may be present during the jump starting process. Keep smoking materials, sparks and fl ames away from the battery at all times. 1. Use high quality jumper cables and make sure all connections are clean and solidly
connected. 2. Wear proper eye protection before attempting a jump, in case of acid contact with skin, eyes or clothing.

IF ACCIDENTAL CONTACT DOES OCCUR, FLUSH IMMEDIATELY WITH WATER FOR ONE FULL MINUTE AND SEEK IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION. 3. Connect positive (+) terminals fi rst. Be sure to NOT cross the cables while making connections. Do NOT allow contact between the cable clamps while making connection. 4. Connect one end of the ground cable to the ground (-) terminal on good battery fi rst. Then connect the other end of the ground cable to a solid, bare-metal connection on the engine. Do NOT connect to the negative (-) terminal of the battery. 5. Start the engine.
6. Disconnect the ground cable at both ends before disconnecting the positive (+) cable.All PBM Supply & Mfg., Inc. equipment is designated by a serial number. On the HAV 300 Series, the serial number is stamped on the plate riveted below the left-hand side of the driver’s seat. The engine, spraying pump, and other equipment on the HAV 300 may vary by individual unit manufactured number. When contacting PBM Supply & Mfg., Inc for services, parts, or general assistance, please be ready to supply the manufacturer and model number information.For a period of one year, PBM Supply & Mfg., Inc. warrants to the original purchases, that all new PBM Sprayers and other PBM manufactured products sold to the buyer wether direct or by an authorized PBM Dealer, will be free of defects in materials and workmanship.
PBM Supply & Mfg., Inc. obligation is expressly limited, at the sole option of, to the repair or replacement of those parts determined by PBM Supply & Mfg., Inc. personnel to have failed due to a defect as described above.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES shall this warranty be interpreted by anyone to apply in those cases of failure due causes such as vehicle or other accidents, acts of God, transportation, neglect to perform required maintenance or other customer required services, abuse of the equipment, or causes not from the ordinary operation of the product. Further, repair of the system or any part thereof resulting from the use of incompatible materials; material not suitable due to corrosive or abrasive elements, is NOT covered under the terms of this limited warranty. Click hereto get 2009 HAV 300 Owner’s Manual

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