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Engine Room Manual

Start the General Patton Pump. He has two switches that must be ON. One behind the redwood fence, at the end of the pool, and one in the engine room to the right of the door. On General Patton’s pump, on the floor beneath the shelf, is a shut off lever valve and an in line dirt filter. This filter must be cleaned weekly or more often if there has been an excessive amount of dirt in the pool. To clean it, Stop General Patton. Close the lever valve at the filter and close lever valve #68 to the right of the pump. Remove the filter and wash it clean. Return the clean filter, open the lever valves and you are ready for action. 4 PRIMING GENERAL PATTON’S PUMP General Patton has his own suction line and output line. The suction enters from the 40mm flexible intake on the South side of the pool. TO PRIME: Stop the pump. Attach a garden hose to a functional garden faucet.

Connect the male end of the garden hose to the hose bib located just above valve #68, with a double female hose adapter. (This should already be in place). Open the hose bib and valves #68 and the filter valve on General Patton’s filter. Flush the line with fresh water from the garden hose. The line is primed when no more air bubbles emerge from the flexible intake pipe at the South side of the pool. Close off the hose bibs, leave valve #68 and the filter valve open and start the pump with General Patton set up ready to roar. Be sure he has about 60 psi on gauge. The pressure drops to about 50 psi when the general is backing up. Click here to get Engine Room Manual

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