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A Laboratory Manual for Mechanical Measurements

A Laboratory Manual for Mechanical Measurements. Mechanical measurement forms a basic and important aspect of mechanical engineering application. The mechanical engineering technicians are required to use various measurement tools and make necessary changes in the parameters such as pressure, temperature, flow and speed to control the process. These technician should know the complete mechanism ( working principle ) of the measuring instruments and should be able to select the appropriate instrument as per the requirement of the process and handle, operate and manipulate the same . Student will also learn to correlate the theoretical knowledge with practical aspects and their various applications. The questions at the end of each experiment not only test his recall ability but also take care of his analytical and innovative intelligence. Few questions are designed in such a way that it will be helpful to improve reasoning, decision – making and thought provoking ability of the students. Mechanical measurement is a subject having practical applications of various measurement techniques used for measurement of pressure, force, strain, temperature, flow, speed, level, etc. In the laboratory work students are exposed to the experiments on the available experimental set ups in the measurement laboratory.

The laboratory work shall be further supplemented by industrial visit where they can observe the actual measurement process. Inter relation ship of subject areas: Mechanical measurement is a core technology subject – Applied Physics, Electrical and Electronics engineering forms the basis of this subject. This subject is having applications in the area of automobile engineering, Metrology, Quality control, Refrigeration, Air conditioning, Tool Design and Mechatronics. Knowledge of the subject will help technician to carry out fault finding and to operate and maintain measuring equipments and the systems. Click here to get A Laboratory Manual for Mechanical Measurements

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