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Mitsubishi Engine 6Ai Series

Mitsubishi Engine 6Ai Series Manual for purchasing one of the highest quality, high – performance model aircraft engines available. engine has been specifically designed, developed and manufactured from proprietary components for model use. It is very powerful, extremely lightweight, easy to handle and adjust, and should provide years of outstanding performance.It is extremely important to read and understand all of the instructions contained in this manual before starting your engine, especially the
Safety Instructions. The importance of following the safety instructions at all times cannot be over-emphasized! Mitsubishi Engine 6Ai Series engines start very easily and develops enough horsepower to cause serious injury or death to the operator and bystanders. We here at BMitsubishi Engine 6Ai Series are concerned for your safety and the safety of others so PLEASE follow the safety instructions at all times!
download : PDF - Mitsubishi Engine 6Ai Series

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