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Toyota Corona History Book

history of Toyota Corona. Toyota’s first passenger car designed for the American driver and roads, the Corona, was an immediate success. It became the cornerstone for volume sales of feature-rich, high-quality Toyota vehicles in the United States. The following Corona’s models:1966-1969 Two-door and four-door hardtop1968 Total U.S. sales pass 100,0001970 Introduction of the Corona Mark II1971 Total U.S. sales pass 300,0001973-1976 Second generation Corona. Models include two-door SR hardtop, two-door hardtop, two-door sedan, four-door sedan & five-door wagon1975 Total U.S. sales pass 500,0001979 Third generation Corona. Four-door deluxe & luxury sedan, five-door deluxe & luxury wagon, introduction of the five-door deluxe and luxury lift back.1983 Corona replaced by the Camry.

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