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1991 Audi 100 Workshop Manual

When filing a Technical Bulletin enter the Bulletin No. in the adjacent column.When using the Workshop Manual you can then see at a glance whether Technical Bulletins have been published in respect of the particular Repair Group in which you are looking. Repair Group - Technical Bulletins 00 Technical Data 10 Removing and installing engine 13 Crankshaft group 15 Cylinder head. Valve gear 17 Lubrication 19 Cooling 20 Fuel supply system 21 Charging 26 Exhaust system

Table of Content: Technical Data - Engine code - List of engines f 10 Removing and Installing Engine - Rules for cleanliness - Safety measures - Removing - Securing engine to repair stand - Installing - Tightening torques 13 Crankshaft Group Dismantling and assembling engine - Removing and installing ribbed belt - Removing and installing toothed belt Dismantling and assembling cylinder block, crankshaft and flywheel - Measuring distance from lug to ignition firing point sender (-G4) and distance from flywheel to engine speed sender (-G28) - Crankshaft dimensions T Checking crankshaft radial clearance Dismantling and assembling pistons and conrods - Piston and cylinder dimensions - Checking conrod radial clearance Checking basic mechanical adjustment of engine.

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