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2001 Audi A6 Alternator Replacement Procedure

- Remove plastic skid plate at bottom of engine compartment.
- Remove all plastic covers from within the engine compartment.
- This includes the removable resilient stripping that seals the hood and engine compartment.
- Remove the cover that is toward the firewall that houses the battery.
- Remove the cover from the power steering fluid reservoir.
- Be sure to use caution.
- Remove the interior wheel wells. They are held on by about 14 various bolts.
- Remove the black housings that cover the area where the fog lights are. They are simply clipped in and require some pulling to remove.
- Disconnect the fog light electrical connections for each fog light from under the car.
- Remove 2 bolts (1 on each side) under the car where two metal pieces join for support.
- Disconnect the front bumper wiper-spray electrical connection for each wiper motor.
- Disconnect the spray line on the driver side. There is a plastic clip that must be gently removed, then the line simply pulls apart. Use a baggie and zip-tie to secure the end of the line from the reservoir to control loss of wiper fluid.
- From below the car (or on the passenger side do it from the wheel well), remove 6 nuts (3 nuts on each side) that hold the bumper of the car to the front quarter panels. This is a less obvious step that took me awhile to figure out because the nuts appear captive to the quarter panel, but are not.
- Using a metric allen wrench (NOT a torx bit), remove the 2 long bolts (1 bolt on each side of the car) that secures the bumper to the front of the car. The bolts are tucked away up in the area where you removed the black housing in the fog light area. The bolts are about 6” to 8” long and can be used later to assist with bringing the radiator/intercooler assembly forward. It will take a bit of time to get them removed. Pull on them periodically until removed to ensure that you aren’t just spinning.
- Now wrestle the bumper off and set it aside. When you are wrestling the bumper off of the car you need to be sure to be careful with the 6 threaded fasteners (3 on each side) that secure the bumper to the front quarter panels. There is a black insert on each fastener that can cause the bumper to stick to the quarter panel.


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