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2007 Audi A6 Avant Overview

Introduced in the 2005 model-year, the current generation of the A6 is relatively unchanged this year, apart from the fact that the V8 now develops 15 extra horsepower and that an S6 version with a 435-hp V10 is available. The Avant, as Audi names its station wagon models, is offered with a 3.2L V6 and Quattro full-time all-wheel-drive.
Interior and cargo area
As the vehicle is a bit low, front as well as rear access is relatively easy. The front seats are very comfortable thanks to such features as adjustable height and lumbar support. With tilt and telescoping steering, drivers easily find a very good driving position. Legroom is good, while headroom with the sunroof is tight for tall individuals.
In the back, the bench seat is comfortable for just two people because the transmission tunnel takes up the foot room in the middle. Headroom and legroom are sufficient. The seatback splits 60/40 and folds to form a floor that angles up slightly towards the front, leaving a gap behind the front seats. Fortunately, you can install a vertical net to keep animals or objects from falling into the gap. Cargo capacity is good, but the rather pronounced forward angle of the C-pillars prevents use of full height for about 40 cm. The hatch opens wide and there are four movable tie-downs.
Convenience and safety features
As you’d expect with Audi, cabin finish and the quality of materials are impeccable. Road noise could be better dampened. Total storage space is insufficient, mainly because the CD changer and owner’s manual take up nearly all the room in the glove compartment. It’s been a while since we saw a CD changer in a glove compartment.
Instruments and controls are well laid out. The MMI system, which is supposed to make life easier for the driver, is annoyingly complex, requiring several steps to access the audio or air conditioning functions. The latter is not the most efficient, taking too much time to reach the desired temperature because of a weak blower.


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