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Audi A3 and A6 Window repair

It seems like the electric windows on the A3 and A6 cars are a common problem. The most common symptom is the windows goes down, and then doesn’t rise back up, then winds itself back into the door. You’ll find if this happens you can ease the window up by working the switch while guiding the window up by hand.
A small plastic clip that holds the window to the lifter breaks, and the lifter cable comes away from the mechanism. The window then lifts at an angle, and then jams in the guides. The system senses that a jam has occurred and assumes something is caught in the window, and drops it again as a safety measure.
The Cure
The best thing to do is to fit new clips, or if you like, you could try gluing the old ones. I wouldn’t recommend this as they are likely to break again and you will end up stripping the door all over again! Before you start, lower the window fully.
You will need a selection of tools including screwdrivers and Torx bits (the screws holding the glass are T45, apparently), some smallish cutters, and some plastic cable ties might be handy. You should also allow enough time and/or good weather to complete the job, as you have to remove chunks of the door structure. Don’t worry- it’s not difficult.
Taking the door apart
First remove the door card. Unscrew the screws either end at the top:
Remove the screw under the door pull (circled, but not clear in my photo), pull out the cover, and remove the 2 screws underneath. The door card will now lift upwards and off. Be careful of the cables.
Release the metal clip, and detach the door release cable from the handle.
Disconnect the electrics from the door card. You’ll need a small screwdriver for the window switch, as there’s a small tab to release. You have to remove some foam from around the window/mirror switches too, but that’s not in the photo. It just pulls out.
Removing the door subframe
A lot of the door framework, the door mirror, and the winder mechanism are all on a subframe that lifts out of the panelwork. Alignment of the subframe is critical to the door shutting properly, so you need to mark it’s position. There’s 4 Torx bolts, 2 wedges, 1 bracket and 2 dowels that locate the subframe. Before you start mark the position of the wedges (at the bottom) with a marker pen.


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