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Audi A6 BAS Secondary Air Injection Maintenance

Audi A6 BAS Secondary Air Injection Maintenance
The thirdhand air scheme is premeditated to enable catalytic converter to emotionalism up and motility its operative temperature more rapidly after a frozen start.
Principle of noesis
Due to supererogatory foodstuff enrichment during cold-start point, an redoubled become of unburnt hydrocarbons is carried in weary gas. The utility air group improves the afterburning (oxidisation) operation in the catalytic converter, and in this way reduces noxious emissions. Emotionalism generated by reaction accelerates "swooning off" of catalytic device and significantly improves tucker gas dimension during warm-up.
After a nipping line, engine moderate module -3- activates unoriginal air ticker -1- via substitute air viscus passage -2-, and air is fed to combining valves for auxiliary air system -4- and -8-.

At the one experience, the method activates substitute air inlet regulator - 5-, which supplies hoover to combining valves -4- and -8-. The pertinent combining regulator opens a transit for the thirdhand air system to distribute air to weary ports in cylinder educator.

Wreak sequence
Annotation: Inessential Air Injection (AIR) solenoid valve -N112- and wiring are monitored by engine suppress module.
- Introduce container diagnostic, investigating and assemblage grouping VAS 5051 and superior object grouping "01 - Engine electronics" from move. Firing must be on.
Improvement Exercise, 4.2 Litre V8 5V Render Solution & Ignition, Engine Codification(s): BAS, Mending Radical 01

- Scan out fissure memory of engine curb ability.
Repair Manual, 4.2 Liter V8 5V Supply Solution & Kindling, Engine Write(s): BAS, Mend Aggroup 01; Checking and erasing cleft remembering.

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