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Chrysler 3.3/3.8L V6 Minivan Air Intake Install Guide

This is what we’re starting with; a bone stock engine bay. The first step is to disconnect the negative battery cable. This will help to prevent any potential electrical problems, and also will “reset” the PCM so that the computer will be able to “re-learn” the engine with the new intake in place. To disconnect the battery cable, you will need a 10mm socket or wrench. (Note that this may erase your radio station presets, so you might want to write them down first, just in case.)

Disconnect the temperature sensor located at the back of the flexible coupling. To do this, you need to slide the red lock back, then you can squeeze the black lever at the back and unplug the connector.Next, disconnect the PCV tube and loosen the two hose clamps before removing the flexible coupling, air box lid and air filter. To remove the air box lid, simply release the two clips, one is at the side of the airbox and the other is at the back. At that point, you can tilt the lid of the airbox up (as pictured at left) and slide it to the side slightly to disengage the tabs from the base of the airbox to remove it. The air filter then just lifts right out of the base.


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