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Installation 2000-02 Toyota Celica GT-S Powermax Turbo System Manual

2000-02 Toyota Celica GT-S Powermax Turbo System. Please follow the directions below carefully, making sure to perform each step in its listed order. We would like to stress to you that, when the directions call for you to remove or install any of your vehicle’s factory components, you must follow the instructions given in your factory service manual :

Remove the bumper cover, fog lights and bumper reinforcement assembly. Also, remove the splash guards and under tray. Note: the fogs lights and bumper reinforcement will not be reinstalled.Drain the engine oil from the oil pan.Remove the air box.Remove both O2 sensors and exhaust ‘B-pipe’.Remove ‘B-pipe’ heat shield.Remove exhaust manifold’s lower heat shield.Remove the passenger side axle. Keep this unit clean as it will be reinstalled at a later step.Remove the exhaust manifold and upper heat shield.Install the included Exhaust Manifold.Place the included Air Filter Assembly in to its approximate final position.Install the Turbocharger Assembly and then install the air filter onto the turbocharger.Install the Exhaust Manifold Bracket.Reinstall the axle.


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