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Manual Installation Toyota Celica GT-S Front Big Brake Upgrade

Toyota Celica GT-S Front Big Brake Upgrade. Improper handling of a vehicle, especially while raised and supported by jack stands, ramps or other mechanical means can cause serious bodily injury or even death. It is strongly recommended that a trained, experienced technical mechanic, with proper equipment, install the Big Brake Kit as supplied by STOPTECH LLC. STOPTECH LLC assumes no liability expressed or implied for the improper installation or use of this product or its components. Many wheel-cleaning solutions contain strong acids that may damage the finish on any caliper or aluminum anodized finish, especially the plating on the hardware. Check for adverse effects by trying a small amount of the cleaner in question on an inconspicuous area. Avoid over spraying, and rinse cleaning solutions off as quickly as possible. STOPTECH will not be held liable for damage to caliper, hat or bracket or hardware finish due to corrosive chemical exposure.


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