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National Concours Manual Alfa Romeo Owners Club

The purpose of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club (AROC) Concours Manual is to define the rules and. regulations to be followed in conducting the official,
Content Inside for this National Concours Manual Alfa Romeo Owners Club:
P.O. Box 12340
Kansas City, MO 64116-0340
Prepared by:
Arno Leskinen
AROC National Concours Chair
April 2004
(Rev. 1 June 2006)COPYRIGHT AROC-USA 2004
Table Of Contents
Purpose 4
Organization 4
Definition 5
Acknowledgements 6
Chapter 1 General Guidelines
and Concours Organization
Entry Form Requirements 7
Selecting a Site for the
Concours 7
Personnel, Registration, and
Conducting the Concours 8
Key Personnel 8
Registration 9
Safety 9
Conducting the Concours 10
Scoring 10
Trophies and Awards 11
Chapter 2 Concours Rules and
General Information 12
Eligibility 12
Protests and Procedures 12
Classes, Scoring, and
Presentation of Cars 13
Classes 13
Scoring Procedures 14
Car Requirements for
Judging 14
Chapter 3 Guide to Judging
Tenants of Judging 16
The Event Chief Judge 16
Designating the Event Chief
Judge 16
Event Chief Judge
Responsibilities 16
Entry List 17
General Qualifications and
Prohibitions for Judges 17
Qualification and Choosing
of Judges 17
Novice Judges 18
Judging Own Car 18
Judges Temporarily
Leaving the Judging Team 18
Substitution of Judges 18
Refer to the Concours Manual
Regularly 18
Judging Method 18
Judge’s Meetings 18
Initial Judge’s Meeting 19
On-site Judges Meeting 19
Scoresheets 19
Around the Car 20
Interaction Between Owners
and Judges 21
Rejudging 22
Chapter 4 Judging the Car
Exterior 23
Paint Finish 23
Body Panels
Glass and Exterior…

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