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RotorQ System Settings Guide

The RotorQ system is shipped with default settings that are in compliance with Daimler-Chrysler’s specifications. Most of the settings in the software should not need to be changed. Changing any of the settings that are not described below will likely make the system and it’s test results non-compliant. Future releases of the RotorQ software may hide these settings from the user. There are, however, settings that need to be changed to prevent extremely long test times. Some of these settings are in the program’s “File => Preferences => System Settings…” menu item.

System Settings:
The “System Settings…” dialog changes settings that apply to all tests for all models in the “Product Database.” This dialog is used to calibrate the entire RotorQ system. Most of these settings should only be changed if Daimler-Chrysler requires a change.
The “System Settings…” dialog box contains the following “tabs” that should not be changed:…


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