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BlackBerry 8700g Wireless HANDHELD loading Wizard

How do I get? Set key comfort
Roll the cursor and highlight the trackwheel to move items on the screen.
Click (print) to open the trackwheel menu or select items. Click Cancel to close the screen, Escape again or go back one page in the browser
In the device options, click the view/keyboard. Set the device program, which should open when you press the assigned comfort

Discover the many useful programs that your BlackBerry ® device has to offer. Here are a few in the early
Click the message to display the list of messages, composing a new message and set options for e-mail messages.
Click browser to visit websites to search for programs, and the ringing tones and settings of the browser.
Your device can have more than one browser.
Click profiles to set up and adjust the ring tone or manage profiles downloaded ringing tones.
Click the options button to see the main list options, device settings, Bluetooth ® and wireless network settings. Other programs appear on the home screen, including the task list, the list of notes, Calculator, alarm, list, pictures, help, and more.

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