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BlackBerry bold 9000 review

BlackBerry bold 9000
It is not too much difference between the BlackBerry bold 9000 and its earlier predecessors, except maybe for the skin as a compound of the back cover. The same "ring form" so recognizable from a distance and the same medium odd views are still among the main attraction of the smartphone. Measurement of 114 x 66 x 14 mm and weight 133 g (including batteries), RIM could reduce the size of the device, even if it's still the same form factor. Great phone, but I noticed that the rear cover varied slightly, as it is not firmly set into the slot.In the right part of the smartphone offers a dual volume key and the dedicated camera key. On the left side is a lot of activity, which means port of the 3.5 mm jack, miniUSB port, a dedicated small voice command key and a microSD slot. On the phone is a special button that locks the keypad, while there is a small slider button that opens the back cover. 2 Mpixels camera embedded in the back of the phone features flash and is protected by a wide metal frame. The same metallic compounds and includes the margins surrounding the smartphone, while the rear hood is made of leather like material that feels unique to the touch. QWERTY keyboard offers 35 keys wisely located.

Yet it was moved on the numeric keypad on the left side, which is somewhat annoying lefties. Benefit from a great keyboard and even backlighting, which enables you to use the phone in the dark areas. Between the keyboard and screen are four buttons common almost all BlackBerry devices, the back key and the key to reject calls to take the call. In the middle of the famous trackball, browse the menu very easy.

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