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The BlackBerry brand guidelines

The BlackBerry ® brand is a valuable tool for research in motion limited (RIM). Your use of the trademarks, trade names, service marks, logos or pictures of RIM (collectively "RIM marks") contained in the guidelines for the BlackBerry is restricted to the use of licences in the agreement you signed with the edge. If the trademark is not part of your license agreement with RIM, it is prohibited to use the RIM marks without the prior express written permission of authorized representative of RIM marketing communications.As a partner are required to comply with these guidelines, the BlackBerry brand. It is necessary to ensure that all staff responsible for the production of advertisements, leaflets and other promotional materials reviewed, understand them and implement them properly and consistently.

Compliance with these guidelines, the BlackBerry brand does not guarantee that RIM will provide a means of marketing cooperative (hereinafter referred to as "co-op" funds) or to the market development Fund (hereinafter referred to as "MDF"). When requesting reimbursement of co-op funds and/or MDF, compliance with these guidelines will help speed up the processing of the BlackBerry brand, approval and reimbursement. These tags define uniform instructions BlackBerry guidelines and standards for the use of the names, logos and imagery to BlackBerry products and services and applies to all advertising and promotional materials, regardless of their source of financing.

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