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dismantling and Assembly of BlackBerry bold-with frame

1. after removing the battery cover and the battery, use the driver torque T to remove 6 torque screws.
2. the extract from the midplate.
3. Carefully disconnect the cable from the connector, make sure not to damage the pins, or any other electronic components.
4. pick up the motherboard (1), then insert the tool under the motherboard (2) separation of glue from the screen. Remove the motherboard from the point (3).
5. press gently on the bottom of the screen to delete from the original slide.
6. Press down gently to remove the keyboard from the original slide.
7. Slide the keyboard into the frame custom painted, ensuring displayed tab slides to the keyboard. Press down on the bottom of the keyboard to lock into the frame.
8. Slide the screen to the top of the frame, the first to correctly align the tabs at the top and bottom of the screen is fully secured. This may require a little tight and specific efforts to ensure on the spot.
9. replace the motherboard from the side of the USB port. Be careful when inserting the motherboard, as the card on top of it is very fragile.
10. reconnect the connectors by pressing gently on it.
11. replace the midplate, peak in the first location
12. replace the 6 torque screws T5 in the first step, remove and replace the battery and the cover. In order to ensure that it locks firmly press on the bottom.

Obtain a pdf disassembly and BlackBerry bold-with frame

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