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HTC Fuze Raphael manual

Today, is a SmartPhone exclusive phone a Camera similar to a bird excluding a wing. For Raphael HTC Fuze it equipped with 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus and fluffy alongside camera tools similar Flash. For others has Show your face with HTC Fuze are Audio Player aac, aac, eaac + amr-nb ropes, amr-wb, qcp, mp3, wma, and wav, WiFi for Wireless IEEE 802.11 bg WLAN, USB, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP for Stereo wireless headsets, cards and interaction for aGPS, GPRS and CDMA GPS ready data interaction (3 G WCDMA HSDPA supported), and various extra. In the u.s., today the phone is not currently on the market (formerly with AT&T carrier), Download HTC Fuze Raphael User Manual Quick Start Guide PDF.

By downloading the user manual and learn, all-purpose Start Guide and Quick Start Guide, you are an excellent help and opportunity to enable deep step to know the HTC Fuze craft. It including about abusing the Internet connection such as GPRS, 3 G or HSDPA by WiFi, WCDMA, optimistic mode using call, how to BREW the abuse footage, Camera 3.2 MP Cartridge using TouchFLO 3D, browser, the internet with Opera Mobile, Intant-send messages, interconnection of the Bluetooth, USB cable, basic data transfer time direction to mount the phone with SIM-certificate, battery and microSD reminiscence certificate, navigate with maps and GPS aGPS yourself, download the programs aka application, and various extra. get here

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