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Nokia 5250 user manual

the design of Nokia 5250 used Candy Fasten Stick Mono Hunk with classical influence on Test customer line at 2.8 inches Dispaly Test (640 x 360 pixels resolution) and 105 x 50 x 14 mm for dimension Corpse. In the United Kingdom (Europe) available in two colors: dark gray and blue corpse. It uses GPRS or EDGE networks that threads say or link in GSM and EDGE networks records bag.

The length of a different features come with Nokia 5250 for illustration within fish is fish memory-51 MB that can be total?-with microSD (microSD slot available) up to 16 GB (you had to buy the microSD separetly of the phone). For the Camera equipped with 2-megapixel Camera (catch on film copy available) with Dedicated Camera Key and use Photo Editor, and Download Nokia 5250 manual User Guide PDF.The customer manual Nokia 5250 customer guide would help you to search content from the courteous edification on how to operate the phone on the mobile phone: what can do and what not. Guide for waste of the Melody Player that melody codecs such as mp3, AAC, eAAC, eAAC + and WMA, via the Bluetooth stereo headset (A2DP) wires, Tuning of FM Radio (Stereo), taking picture with 2MP Camera, overview of the corpse and close and menu navigation of 5250, how to download games from Ovi accumulation, assembling the Array, SIM card and microSD tutorial, problem solution and welfare TipsInstellen and setting up connectionscouples are certain illustration of customer configuration, Bluettooth Nokai 5250 Guide.

Download Nokia 5250 manual manual PDF

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