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Poynt for BlackBerry Smartphone Setup and user guide

Many features require that Poynt in you enable permissions on the BlackBerry smartphone. This may include the use of GPS, dial-up access and e-mail on your search results. Depending on the settings of your device you are prompted whenever these permissions are required.
If you want to set permissions for your device manually, from the main screen of your device, select options-security options-> > application permissions. Poynt on the Homescreen, Homescreen opens where you

Location bar
At any time you can select the location bar at the top of the screen, change the location for your search.
Available options are:
• GPS Location (default) – Poynt will use coordinates from your GPS device chip, if one is available, or the location of the cell site based on the cell tower signals to determine your current location and provide the results of the search in the area.
• New location for search – using this feature, you can manually specify the location of the search. You can use the address, the name of the city, the postal code or milestone, anywhere in the US or Canada.
• Store location – you can save to any location (GPS, cell site or manually entered) for easy access. Save your work, home, Grandma's place, or just interesting place, that you have been around on the street. The saved location are stored in a separate tab, access from the location bar.
From the header, you can also choose from the list of the last five points of the manual search. If you want to delete the saved location, see the Setup options.

Get the pdf for BlackBerry Smartphone Setup Poynt and user guide

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