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1996 Volkswagen Golf Fuses & Circuit Breakers

The fuse panel is located under the left side of the dash board by the driver’s knee on the Cabriolet, Fox, Jetta, Rabbit and Pickup. On the Golf and GTI models the panel is located by the driver’s right knee, under the dash panel.
NOTE: On all models, fuse specifications are listed on inside of panel cover.
WARNING: Always disconnect battery ground cable before servicing “high-current fuses. It is recommended that “high-current” fuses be replaced by a qualified technician.

CAUTION: Always disconnect the fan motor when working near the radiator fan. The fan is temperature controlled and could start at any time even when the ignition key is in the OFF position. DO NOT loosen or remove radiator cap when cooling system is hot.

Before replacing a blown fuse, remove ignition key, turn off all lights and accessories to avoid damaging the electrical system. Be sure to use fuse with the correct indicated amperage rating. The use of an incorrect amperage rating fuse may result in a dangerous electrical system overload.

CAUTION: When battery is disconnected, vehicles equipped with computers may lose memory data. When battery power is restored, driveability problems may exist on some vehicles. These vehicles may require a relearn procedure. See COMPUTER RELEARN PROCEDURES article in GENERAL INFORMATION section.


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