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2 Way Active Crossover Circuit

Here is the schematic of a 2 way active cross- over network circuit that finds a lot of application in audio amplifier systems. The circuit use a constant voltage method, means that the output of high and low frequency is summed up, and then fed back to be compared with the input to make sure this sum is equal to the input signal. This method ensure that the total response is flat, if we summed back the separated high and low frequency output.
2 Way Active Crossover Circuit
LM833 Pin-Out
You have to use 1% tolerance for the resistors to give a precise response. According to the formula, the capacitor C should be 6.6nF to give 1kHz crossover frequency, but a 6.8nF can be used because it waidely available, and the crossover frequency will be shifted to about 975Hz.

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