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2000-05 Volkswagen Jetta/Golf 1.8 K&N Drycharger Installation

The K&N? Drycharger included with this kit must be installed on the K&N? air filter when used with this K&N? cold air intake system. The K&N cold air intake system a performance product that can be used safely during mild weather conditions. During harsh and inclement weather conditions, you must convert your cold air intake system to a short ram configuration, or return your vehicle to the stock OEM air box and intake tract configuration. Failure to follow these instructions can void your warranty.

1. Turn off the ignition and disconnect the negative battery cable.
NOTE: Disconnecting the negative battery cable erases pre-programmed electronic memories. Write down all memory settings before disconnecting the negative battery cable. Some radios will require an anti-theft coded to be entered after the battery is reconnected. The anti-theft code is typically supplied with your owner’s manual. In the event your vehicles’ anti-theft code cannot be recovered, contact an authorized dealership to obtain your vehicles anti-theft code.
2. Depress the tabs on the side of the battery cover and remove as shown.
3. First disconnect the negative battery cable, then disconnect the positive battery cable as shown.
4. Disconnect the mass air sensor electrical connection as shown.
5. Loosen the hose clamp at the mass air sensor as shown.
6. Remove the air cleaner cover screws as shown.
7. Disconnect the air pump vent hose as shown.
8. Remove the air cleaner cover as shown.


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