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The City Jetta has undergone a revamping for 2008. The exterior look has been modified, and inside, the radio and upholstery have been changed. The steering wheel is now the same as the Jetta’s. The engine remains the same, but the automatic transmission, an option, now has six speeds rather than four. The City Jetta is offered as a four-door sedan.

Interior and trunk
Access to the front is easy. The seats are firmly comfortable, even after a long day of driving, for people of average height or less. However, there is no adjustable lumbar support. Heavily built or tall people will find the seats a bit narrow and the cushions a tad short. Thanks to the seat adjustments and tilt/telescoping steering wheel, drivers easily find a good driving position. Entering and especially exiting the back requires a bit of flexibility. The bench seat is relatively comfortable for two adults, but only if they are of average height or less, because of the limited head and leg room. Already quite spacious, cargo capacity can be expanded by folding the 60/40-split seatback. When the seatback is folded down on the cushion, the floor inclines sharply upward towards the front. To get a flat floor in this area, you have to flip the cushion and remove the head restraints before folding the seatback. The trunk is roomy, the floor flat and the storage bins on each side, very practical. The trunk opening is good and the lid opens relatively high.

Convenience and safety
The cabin is very well finished in good materials. Soundproofing is very good, though engine noise intrudes at highway speeds. There are few storage spaces and above all, no roomy centre console. Gauges and controls are well laid out, except for the heating controls, which are too low. The radio buttons are small. At night, everything except the glove compartment is illuminated.


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