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AMC-Renault and a reasonable car for the times

Renault 18i was introduced in Europe in front of almost three years ago. Since then, through a series of improvements and now to the point, to debug that extremely reliable car. For the North American market 18 becomes 18i (for fuel injection) and is available as a 4-door sedan or wagon 5door. Also on our market, uses 18i optional (in Europe) 1647cc 4cylinder as the only available engine. AMC imported 18i has L-Jetronic fuel injection for the purposes of issue, any, starts immediately, the overall low maintenance warmups and a better economy.

Aluminium 4válec is conventionally located in the engine compartment and uses a long transaxte Assembly for driving the front wheels. 5Rychlostní manual transmission or an optional automatic transaxte 3rychlostní can be obtained in either of the bodywork. The engine produced at 5000 RPM 60.1 horses. /min and gives a very satisfactory performance. The response of the engine from good to excellent, in particular in the event that any equipment is a bit long before changing up. At high rpm, the engine tends to be noisy and produces more than normal vibration. But it might be considered a problem only in the case that the car was driven hard consistently. Sedan is the mass, 60/40 bias totals for comfortable 2263 pounds of spirited front drive.


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