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Clio Van range and technical specifications of the technical specification

Entrepreneurship, innovation and dedication. It's a combination that drives your business and philosophy, which maintains the Renault on the way to constant improvement. Witness the latest Clio Van. Updated, revised and ready for languages where the image takes you to work. Developed next to the small car superstar Clio, includes all the same backup, but in a vehicle, a practical, comfortable, hard work, brings real work style in his hand. On the road and at the place of bold, expressive lines Clio Van speaks volumes about how you all earn a living. In short, says you're a real professional.

Even at first glance looks like a dynamic command attention Clio Van. Note the front fenders with integrated, modified foglights that lend an assertive purpose. After the spotlight longer and adds body color rear spoiler. What more you want in a hustler, which is built around what is a sensational success?

The answer is ... all of it. Because once you've taken in the stunning exterior car, Clio, it's time to open the door to the Interior, which makes you feel immediately at home, where you are currently working. In fact, would hardly know that when you drive a van at all, because it's by name, creative nature of the Clio. It's what gives the compact car there with the very best of the big players


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