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MasterGuard Hub Kit Honda 12-Yamaha:

Before the service, make sure the engine propeller blades in neutral with the ignition turned off, or disconnected, to prevent the possibility of the run and causing injury. Do not install any of the propeller thrust washer on the spot without. If the washer is not used, the move could lead to significant damage to a propeller or engine drive. Rotating prop in neutral hand make sure the prop in the full cycle of spins freely. (If you have any questions, please contact your dealer or call our customer service department.)

For the Evinrude ® and Johnson ® Outboard: (Please omit # 12035 washing machine.)
1 OEM thrust washer) is on the spot. Clean and grease shaft splines. (All marine grade fat is acceptable.)
2 Slide the HUB ASSEMBLY into) of the propeller housing from the queue.
3 Slide the propeller Assembly) of the drive shaft.
4) Frame SPACER # 12050 PROP nut and SPACER on the propeller Assembly OEM front prop nut.
5 the tightening the nut under) prop engine manual for the proper promotion and adaptation of the specifications nut torque.


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