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Renault Mascot W21-760-3125 installation instructions

Special instructions for air connection
1. Cut the tubing cutter must be correctly matching the scissors (no)
2. when inserting tubing into the connection must pull in around 14 mm, to hear the click.
3. If you want to remove the tube, push on the connection, and at the same time pull the tube flange. (No tool is necessary.)
4. Watch tube is removed, it is important to trim 14 mm from the end before reconnecting.
5. it is appropriate to use LOCKTITE fittings.

• Installation manual should read completely before beginning the Assembly.
• This kit does not increase G.V.W. (total vehicle weight) of vehicle for your safety and to avoid any damage to your vehicle shall not exceed the maximum load recommended by the manufacturer.
• Air bags inflate is not before the Assembly.
• Once installed, may not exceed the max and min pressure limits, improper usage or above inflation may cause the deterioration of your suspension.


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