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Renault-Riffard wing on wheels

WELL have you noticed the difference? This problem has taken another step forward to Renotes and will now wear the color on every page. With the increasing use of colors, of course, we need more high quality color pictures, which is where the members come in. send us your contributions and remember Renotes is not just about older cars, the contributions from the members of new Renaults are equally as valid. On our letters page continues the discussion about speed. This debate, due to the oft-quoted remark that, "Speed kills" is, I think I understand. Maybe more appropriate slogan, "killing for the inexperience of the ' is the fact that for years he taught people to instructors, relatively simple control test when really they should be learning to drive. There is a difference between the two.

Student can pass the test driving, without ever drove over 30 or 40 mph and without any experience of the highway. Once the investigator has been met, that same student is then let loose on the highways without further checks, or tuition fees. Our simple driving tests includes eye test to read the license plate of a stationary car, delivered at a distance; It's a complete waste of time is highlighted in a survey carried out by Specsavers and the support of Renault.

Motor Show in 2002 Specsavers eyes to 3000 tests and found that did not meet the basic vision of 157, which meant that they illegally. Save her work is 25% or in each four! Maybe it's time we had a harder look at applications for the issue of a driving licence, and for all the drivers that you want to submit to regular inspections of the optics test.


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