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Renault Workshop repair manual

Types of 852, the vehicle Renault 18 J8S Fuego Renault Renault Renault 20 25 30 21 Renault Safrane Espace Trafic Master Jeep.
"Methods of repair of generators, according to the data of the manufacturer in this document are based on the current, when it was prepared technical specifications. The method may be adjusted as a result of the changes introduced by the producer in the production of the various component units and accessories, from which they are made of his vehicle. "

In this manual are the two main parts:
-the technical specifications,
-engine implementation.
If you want to repair the part of the vehicle, refer to manually repair Workshop and technical notes for the vehicle.
-All dimensions are given in millimetres (mm) (except where otherwise stated).
-Tightening torques are expressed in decaNewtonmetres (Dan). Reminder: 1, title = 1,02 m kg.
-Pressure in bar reminder: 1 bar = 100,000 Pa.


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