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Toyota Starlet Turbo Owner Manual

Actually, that's true. In the standard form of a Toyota Starlet Turbo is one of the most discreet of machines on the road. Unlike the fast Fords, or his brother in spirit, Renault 5 GT Turbo, it looks like a little sister to manage district. But under the hood is enough firepower to the very rude railcar.

Starlet's masochistic since 1987, when it was more a matter of diodama than the car that you see here. Enamel body kit, which won the points for subtlety, packed 1295cc, single-cam, 12ventil four pot of unusual violence. Thanks to the two-stage turbocharger is handled by the Tokyo commuters move nor psychotic 111bhp 790 kg weight of the Graphic. You had to bend in it first, but 6000rpm. Maximum torque 111 lb FT arrived much earlier, in the only 3600rpm.

In the years 1990 to 1995, at that time, some more weight and become more noticeably sporting style, Starlet GT Turbo enjoyed its best incarnation and his halcyon days. A wonderfully bland style of hidden 1331cc, 16ventil twin cam four pot. Inter-cooled turbo was present and correct and put it on your eyes watering 133bhp 6400rpm. Hard hitting moment was still available around the city, the speed, and the weight crept up to 830 kg only. Sixty mph? You'll be there in 6.9 seconds, Sir. And if you want to live on the edge of it you get to 130 mph.


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