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Yamaha FJR1300 owners Survey resul

Most of the owners were men aged between 50 and 64, with 50-54 contingent consists of almost 25% of the group. Model years 2005 and 2006, almost equal to the percentage of 28%. The majority (87%) bought new. Only 7.4% of the owners was model AE (electric shift with ABS), which came out in the year 2006 model. In terms of satisfaction, the owners of the models, the 2005 and 2006 satis-fied are possible: more than 95% of the owners of the years model evaluation of their wheels 4 or 5. Brand loyalty is very strong among owners: nearly 94% of all owners, said it would buy a Yamaha, on the basis of its experience with 21.9% of the previously FJR and owned other Yamahas.

Owners were less satisfied with the availability of parts and accessories: 88.6% of owners rated as above average or availability is excellent, while 22.3% rated it as average. About 10% above the low score. Several owners noted that it took weeks to get parts, with a long period of backorders. More than 80% of the owners, said they used their bikes for weekend trips. Approximately 68% of the owners use their FJRs for touring.

Our respondents are experienced riders: more than 50% owned eight or more motorcycles FJR owners before, and one owner reported owning more than 35! Previous owners Honda with 30.9%, 17.7% FJR owners owned a, BMW and 11,3% owned the Kawasakis.

Judging by your reply, he would probably be in length we added a blank, that asked you, where are your favorite tour spots. Naturally, the mountainous regions with their accompanying twisties are popular, which is evident from the pictures. It is interesting that almost a quarter of readers said that the camp during the tour. Those who travel more than 2500 miles and camped with the most: 32,9%. Definitely a good way to get your money so you can drive more miles.


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